Frequently Asked Questions

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Please browse our Frequently Asked Questions for information on If you don’t see any answer to your questions, or want to speak directly to us, please email us at [email protected] or call 1-888-727-0726 to speak to a Patient Service Representative.

Will you accept my insurance?

Unfortunately no. We are located in Canada and because of this we cannot accept any foreign insurance. We will provide you with a proper receipt for insurance purposes. Your insurance company may or may not accept our receipts.

How do I pay for my order?

Mail Order Meds is pleased to offer several convenient payment options. In order of preference they are:

  • Direct withdrawal from a checking account: This avoids the high processing fees credit card companies charge us for processing credit cards. Patients are also not forced to pay international transaction fees on top of their order costs (usually 1%-5%).

  • Personal Check/Money Order: This is a tried and trusted method of payment. Checks cannot be hacked and are very secure. Patients who wish to pay by check may do so provided they provide us with a form of government issued ID, ex. a driver's license number or passport number. will record your payment choice and your order will be shipped once we have received your check.

  • Visa/MasterCard: understands that many patients prefer to use their Visa or MasterCard credit cards to pay for their orders. Your patient service representative will inform you if paying by Visa or MasterCard is an option for your particular order.

Are all drugs available in Canada?

No. We do not have all medications that are available in other parts of the world. We do have the majority of medications available in Canada.

Do I get charged a shipping charge for each prescription?

We offer free shipping on all orders to the US, Puerto Rico and it's territories regardless of the number of prescriptions you order.

What happens if my order is not received in 28 days?

In the rare occurrence that your order doesn't arrive in our 28 day time frame, will reship your order to you. Please contact us right away to set up a reshipment. Patients will not be initially charged for reshipments. However, if you receive both the reshipment and the original order, you can keep both and pay for the reshipment or send it back to us.

I already have an account. Can I order for someone else on it?

You may not order for someone else using your account. If a prescription is sent to us and it doesn't match the name on the account it will be rejected.

Can I have someone order on my behalf?

Yes. You may, at any time, designate someone to act on your behalf. This person will have the authority to make inquiries regarding your account and they will be able to order for you. Many people designate their spouse or significant other, their children or a close friend.

You changed the dispensary for my order. What does that mean?

At times a drug may become unavailable from the dispensary you initially ordered from. In these cases we will contact you and let you know if we can fill the order from a different dispensary. If that is not possible a refund will be offered. In all cases we will contact you before proceeding.

My prescription is for a three month supply but you sent me 84 tablets instead of 90. Why?

Depending on the country, medications may be packaged differently than in the US. It is common practice in some countries to count medications by week and not by day. Therefore a three month supply is not 90 days but 12 weeks. Twelve weeks multiplied by 7 tablets/week gives a total of 84 tablets. We do not open manufacturer packaging in order to get a desired number of tablets. We will provide a quantity that is as close as possible to a three month supply. Our patient service representatives will clarify the quantity of tablets we will be sending to you when you place your order.

How much of my medication can I buy at a time?

You can purchase up to a three month supply in any one order as determined by your doctor's directions for usage on your prescription.

Do I need a prescription for all medications?

Generally yes. We operate just like a local pharmacy would. We require prescriptions from a licensed prescriber no matter where the order is being filled from. For your valid prescription to be accepted it must be from a physician licensed to practice in your area of residence. We do carry some over-the-counter products which do not require a prescription. If you have any questions about whether a certain product requires a prescription, refer to the product page where you will find the indication beside the product name: Over the counter OR Rx required; or reach out directly to one of our patient service representatives.

Do you ever run specials?

Our products are competitively priced. In most cases our prices represent significant savings over what would be charged in the US. To help patients save money we offer our Friends and Family Referral Program and also our price match guarantee.

I did not receive my order. What do I do now?

In the rare event that your order does not arrive 28 days from the day it was shipped, we can re-send your order to you. Please contact us as soon as possible so that we can get a reshipment processed promptly.

You will not initially be charged for your reshipment. However, the majority of patients who require reshipments will find that they will receive both the reshipment as well as their original order. In this case patients have two choices, they may keep both orders and pay for the reshipment, or they may return one of the orders to us.

A patient may also request a refund rather than a reshipment. However, if the original order does arrive the charges will be re-issued.

I received a letter from US Customs/the FDA informing me that my order was seized. What should I do?

Occasionally US Customs or the FDA will stop some of our packages. While the US Government does not stop Americans from importing prescription medications for their own personal use, they do not approve of it either. If you receive a letter from US Customs or the FDA indicating that your package was stopped please call us as soon as possible and we will be happy to arrange a reshipment for you.