How to Refer a Friend

  1. Find out your Patient ID by logging into your profile on our website and clicking on the My Account link.
    You can call one of our Patient Service Representatives and ask them for your Patient ID
  2. Tell your friends to give your name and Patient ID when they order online or by phone.
  3. Make sure you inform them of the 25% off coupon: 2024REF-25

You are our best ambassador!

We know it's hard to adhere to a medical plan when the costs are high. We believe medication access is a human right. While the US government works to reduce the cost of drugs, we've already partnered with Canadian* pharmacies to deliver brand name drugs at up to 80% off for our customers. Join us in exercising the right to affordable healthcare.

Our Referral Rewards Program is designed to easily earn customers like you cash rewards. When they place their first order and add that you referred them, they save 25% AND you will directly be credited $50. Then, use the rewards you earned to pay for your own orders. The more first orders you refer, the more rewards you receive. Don’t wait any longer! Help your friends and family save on their prescription medications and have them use coupon 2024REF-25 today.

  • Our standard price match guarantee applies to all new orders.
  • See full terms and conditions for the referral program on our FAQ page.
  • *Our partner pharmacies are from Canada and also from the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.
  • *Up to a maximum discount of $250 USD