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Sample concern from a customer:

"Ever since I ordered online I've started receiving SPAM emails, have you distributed or sold my contact information? Take me off your mailing list." has a zero tolerance policy for SPAM. We do not engage in SPAM or any other direct to consumer advertising without their permission, as we are bound by very strict Federal, Provincial, and self-imposed guidelines under which we maintain strict adherence. In fact we don't currently even run so much as an e-mail mailing list with our own active customers because we feel that it is generally intrusive and not respectful of their privacy. While this may change in the future, as it is reasonable to communicate with our own patients, we do not sell or distribute confidential information to any other organizations. For an up-to-date copy of our terms of use and privacy policy please use the following links: Privacy Policy Terms of Use

Unfortunately, there are many ways that companies can obtain private information such as your name, email address and mailing information without your knowledge (and without compromising the security of your information at using many different forms of viruses and spyware. When installing free programs downloaded from the Internet like many of the "Browser Toolbars" or other fun additions to your web browser, these additional programs get installed without your knowledge. Spyware applications then watch what websites you go to, can even record and store information you type into forms and then report this back to a 3rd party you never know about. This 3rd party is then free to sell your information to others or email/mail you directly themselves.

For more information regarding what spyware is, how to prevent it from getting installed and how to remove it, we would encourage you to do one or all of the following suggestions:

Visit Microsoft's Safety & Security Center: Microsoft Security Essentials is a great, free, tool to help protect against most of the most malicious programs on the Internet. It updates itself for free and scans constantly for new threats.

Talk to your Internet Service Provider to see if as part of your service with them, they have software available to scan for viruses and spyware installed on your computer. Talk to the company from whom you bought your computer. They might have additional products and services to help address concerns with your particular computer. We take these issues very seriously and work through every complaint to try and determine the cause of it. We have examined our website and policies that guide the protection of your information and can assure you that we are not disclosing your information to 3rd parties. All of the pages on our website that collect information from our patients are protected using 128-bit SSL encryption and in some stages, 2048-bit encryption that exceeds most modern e-commerce standards.

We do sincerely empathize with your frustration with unsolicited email. Even as a company is forced to use the services of many very advanced programs and services to stop the thousands of emails that even we receive on a daily basis that are unsolicited.

We sincerely hope that this has helped explain one very likely cause of receiving unsolicited emails. Please be assured that will always work to the best of its abilities to protect our customers from unsolicited email and give what information and support we can to reduce its impact on our customers.

Privacy Officer